WRight Choice Are The Best Shower Heads For All Pressures

Even if you start with low pressure and poor flow, WRightChoice shower heads can still give a good shower in situations where many other shower heads will give you a pathetic dribble. The Shower Heads we sell were judged the best in test at Cranfield University (which is why we decided to sell them).

If you have boosted your system or you never had poor pressure in the first place then it might just be your shower head that needs replacing to give you a great shower.

It is a scientific fact that a good shower head and hose will boost the performance by using whatever pressure you have to optimise your shower.This is as true of gravity systems as it is for pressurised systems and electric showers. It is not true that a shower head will boost pressure but the right shower head will use whatever pressure you do have to make it the best you can achieve.
Alan Wright Bsc(Hons) CEng MICE

For all shower heads it is the number and size of jets plus what is unseen inside the shower head which makes a good shower head. The WRightChoice shower heads have multiple micro jets which accelerates the spray at the shower head where it is needed to give the best showering experience. Converting what pressure you have to create a nice spay pattern with enough water to wash the suds away is what they do. You may be happy with just replacing your shower head but if your pressure is low you can double your flow and quadruple your pressure.

To get a real wow increasing the pressure with a shower power booster will make a big difference and rule of thumb is that if you double the pressure you increase the flow by 50%. For an upstairs shower it will quadruple the pressure and double the flow.

WRight Choice Shower Heads
WRight Choice shower heads are suitable for all systems, they give 6 different spray patterns to give customer choice, up to 112 micro jets, all designed to keep limescale free with by rubbing the nozzles. We sell two styles of shower head, slimline and standard, in white and in chrome, all with identical spray patterns and performance.

WRight Choice Shower Hoses
As well as the shower head you need to check the shower hose. Many people do not realise that shops sell two types of shower hose and many new shower mixers are sold with standard shower hoses. WRightChoice shower hoses are stainless steel with a 10mm internal bore with cone and hex fittings.

If you already have a shower hose with 10mm internal bore you already have very low head loss so increasing it to 11mm, 12mm, will give little extra benefit (and may mean the shower hose will not fit in the shower holder).

If your shower hose has an internal bore of 6mm, 8mm, or 9mm – throw it in the bin.

The washers supplied with hoses always have a slightly narrower bore but over such a short distance it makes little difference.

The Fully Automatic Shower Power Booster SP2B Works So Very Well With Our Shower Heads

The Fully Automatic Shower Power Booster SP2B

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